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We're committed to supporting our vehicles for a minimum of 10 years with spare parts supply.

Get your info ready

We need the vehicle ID: body number, chassis number or registration number.

We'll need a detailed description of the parts you're interested in. If you're able to provide a photograph with your original request it will help avoid any confusion of delays.

Get in touch

Once you've got your information ready it's time to get in touch, we can take it from there.

You can make a part enquiry in a few different ways:

Give us a call on 01484 400889 (opt 6)

Send an email to

Ways to pay

We accept a few different methods of payment.

If you've bought vehicles or parts from us before you probably have a credit account with us.

We also accept credit card payments over the phone; a small handling fee is applied to card payments.

 Making a parts enquiry 

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