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No matter how careful you are you may end up in an accident in one of your Treka vehicles, thankfully we're fully equipped to undertake a range of accident repair work. Many third parties will be willing to undertake repairs on your Treka vehicle but as the original converter we're the best people to assess accident damage and provide the highest quality repairs.

Full Damage Assessment

As the original converter we're best placed to undertake a full inspection of the damage to your vehicle including any potentially unseen damage.

Back-to-New Repairs

Every repair we undertake brings your vehicle back to it's original standard utilising genuine parts.

Keep Your

When we carry out your accident repair you know that your original warranty is protected and guaranteed.

 Benefits of a genuine Treka repair 

Treka Bus Accident Repair

No job too small


Over the years we've taken on repairs of all sizes from simple bodywork repairs to entire vehicle rebuilds.

We can provide an end-to-end service transporting the vehicle back to our factory, inspecting the vehicle,  making a full report to you or your insurers, completing repairs, and returning the vehicle to you ready to go back into service.

What our customers say


"The vehicle just arrived back here and it looks good as new. Thanks for undertaking the repairs for us."

Talk to us about accident repairs

If you've got a Treka Bus that's incurred damage and want to talk to us about the ways we may be able to help ​you can get in touch with us a few different ways.

Give us a call on 01484 400889 (opt 6)

Send an email to

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