Warranty Cover

Your Treka Bus vehicle benefits from an industry leading warranty package, but we know warranty terms can be complicated and so we've simplified the details of your warranty cover to make it as clear as possible.

What Cover Do I Get?

We provide the most comprehensive warranty in our industry. With a full 7-year conversion warranty and up to 7-year warranty available on all major components you can be assured your Treka minibus is supported for life.

The warranty cover indicated here is subject to terms and conditions and may vary based on the age of your vehicle and the equipment fitted.

If you’d like to confirm exact details for your vehicle feel free to get in touch.

The details

All of the warranties offered on your vehicle are backed up by the relevant component manufacturer. This means that you can operate with the confidence that you’ve got the best warranty cover available, this also means that all the major components on your vehicle will have their own warranty terms and conditions.

We’ve taken the time to compile these into a single easy to digest guide. If you’re still in need of further clarification you can always get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Logging a Defect

Before logging a defect it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the kinds of information that we will need to help log your case, and assist us in resolving any issues as quickly as possible. We’ve put together this simple guide to make things easier.


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