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6th Anniversary for Treka Bus

Today we're celebrating what is perhaps the most significant day in the history of Treka Bus to date; 6 years ago today Treka Bus was purchased by Mark Clissett. Bought at the height of the financial crisis and after many years of neglect by previous owners many in the industry suspected that the business would not last 6 months never mind 6 years. Well 6 years on we think it's safe to say that Treka Bus is the most successful builder of wheelchair accessible minibuses in the U.K. supplying vehicles of the highest quality supported by industry leading after sales and warranty.

Mark's first experience with the Treka product came more than 10 years ago long before Treka Bus existed as a company and was still a part of UV Modular. Several years after his first encounter with Treka minibuses Mark oversaw the purchase of UV Modular by Assetco Plc. From his first visit to the Brighouse production facility after that deal Mark knew the Treka product was something special and could do bigger and better things with the right direction and motivation. On October 28th 2010, after several years of behind the scenes efforts, Mark finalised his purchase of Treka Bus and began work full time as Chairman of the business. In the years since Mark has seen the business through good times and hard times taking us from a difficult beginning to year-on-year growth that continues to this day. Mark's passion for Treka Bus is detectable from a distance as anyone who has ever met him can attest. All of us here at Treka consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have such an impassioned leader who challenges us all to continually improve our product, refine the service we provide to our customers, and to build a better business. Over the last 6 years the business has grown from strength to strength having delivered some 1234 vehicles, increased weekly production from 2 to 7, increased the headcount by 48, opened a wholly owned subsidiary business dedicated to manufacturing all our GRP products and developed the product range all whilst staying true to the Treka Bus ethos.

None of this would have been possible without all of our customers old and new, and our industry partners for their continued support over these last 6 years for which we thank them. We look forward to celebrating our next anniversary with an even stronger business.

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