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FEV21 - A New Offering from Treka Bus

For years now our identity has been closely linked to minibuses carrying up to 16 passengers, but lately we've been looking at the changing world around us and the changing needs of our customers. It was with this in mind that, in mid-2016, we started the process of developing the first in a range of new products that offer more choice for our customers. We had so many options on where to begin but ultimately we made the decision to go big while staying small. Today we're excited to announce our new 21 seat van conversion, so say hello to our new family member FEV21.

Cracking the Code

Based on the Mercedes Sprinter 514 XLWB platform the all new FEV21 is brilliantly familiar and wonderfully new all at the same time. The challenge of putting more passengers in the same space was two-fold. Firstly there was the issue of space and then the issue of weight. The issue of space required innovative thinking: moving major components, refining seating solutions, revisiting longstanding designs and more. One of the most important things for us was that everything we did met all of the OEM bodybuilder guidelines. This means we haven't extended the body or cut sections out of critical structures within the vehicle, meaning the safety of drivers and passengers is unaffected. It also means the base vehicle warranty hasn't been affected or voided as can be the case with some conversions. Much of the same thinking helped towards weight reduction. We had to reduce the overall weight of our conversion by a breathtaking amount in order to make the FEV21 a reality. This kind of weight reduction was the result of months of rigorous work; every component fitted to a vehicle was weighed, assessed, and then we worked with key supply partners to shave off every gram of weight possible without affecting the quality or function of the finished product. When everything was said and done we'd managed to reduce the conversion weight by over 500kg! Following the successful design and build of the first prototype FEV21 we undertook tilt testing at Millbrook Proving Grounds and ultimately receiving IVA certification from a VOSA test station.

Out in the Wild Having passed all the necessary milestones we are excited to be able to offer this unique conversion as part of the growing stable of Treka minibuses. The first of these all-new accessible minibuses have already been in operation for several months, with longstanding customer Dawsonrentals taking delivery of 4 units in October 2016 with another 7 units due to be delivered in mid-2017. Look out for more news on additions to the Treka Bus range over coming months.

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