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The Hidden Effort

Here at Treka Bus we pride ourselves on innovation, it's in our company motto after all. But we know that saying it is one thing, doing it is another. It was with this principal in mind that in summer 2016 we began a process of redesigning the interior of our Treka Van product. Our aim was to make an interior that felt familiar, but improved.

Months of effort started with a design review. We got around a vehicle and picked it apart; we had to be our own worst critics. Now we knew what we had to improve. The end product needed to be of a higher quality, easier to produce and install, easier for user to maintain, longer lasting, more robust, and more pleasant for passengers. In short, it just needed to be better.

After the review we set about redesigning our panelling. In simple terms we took 13 panels and turned them into 6. That sounds good but what does that mean for our customers and their passengers? Less panels means a more welcoming, light and airy interior. You get less rattles and creaks inside the vehicle. There are less panel joins so it's easier to keep clean and less prone to build up of dirt and bacteria. It also means we're able to reduce the weight of the product so operators get a benefit in their fuel consumption.

One of the biggest things we wanted to tackle was the texture on the panels, that's what you see and feel after all. This turned out to be our biggest challenge because of the high standards we set for ourselves. We weren't satisfied with the first attempt, or the second or third for that matter. After weeks of effort we finally achieved the desired texture on the 6th attempt.

After manufacturing the moulds, making test panels, validating the fitment and signing it all off, we were able to bring the new design into production in December 2016. Now every new Treka Van benefits from this new interior.

In the end when customers started receiving the new interior they noted something interesting: they knew something had changed, and they liked it, but they couldn't quite put their finger on what it was. This is the sort of incremental change we strive for; continuous small improvements that all add up to make a real difference.

Expect more news throughout 2017 as we push for this to be our biggest year ever for product development.

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