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Carer of the Month - February 2017

We're happy to announce the Hollybank Trust Carer of the Month for February 2017 is Bev Taylor, a Support Worker in the Orchard Court facility. The nomination of Bev reads:

"Bev cares about every detail in her job and is always willing to do that little bit more to improve the quality of life for our children in Orchard Court. She has recently taken on responsibility for arranging activities for the children which has had a significant impact upon their lives and their experiences of residential care, including planning trips to see the football, to the theatre and to pop concerts amongst others things. Bev understands the children’s individual interests and has involved families in some of the events including giving one child the opportunity to invite his dad to the football as a surprise. Bev is mindful of staff rotas and considers all of the details that make a trip successful and enjoyable. We are very lucky to have her as part of the team, and the children’s lives are enriched because of the work that she does on a daily basis." Congratulations Bev!

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