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Another Treka to Scotland

This week we had the pleasure of delivering another Treka Bus to Scotland. Gullane Day Centre, based in East Lothian, ordered their new Treka Van accessible minibus following a recomendation from a neighbouring scheme in North Berwick. The day centre have been raising funds for a considerable amount of time to buy a new bus which meets the needs of their service. The Gullane Day Centre is open 4 days a week and their new Treka was welcomed by some very excited future passengers this week. The specification was carefully determined over a number of visits to our factory and we were able to work with them to determine a specification that was just right for their needs. Organisation like Gullane Day Centre often work for years in order to raise the money needed to buy a new vehicle and we're always humbled to be their converter of choice. The folk at Gullane Day Centre can rest easy knowing that their new vehicle is backed up by the Treka Bus 7-year warranty meaning they can focus on doing the great work they do.

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