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First 22 Seaters Hit The Road

Today is an exciting day here at Treka as we mark the delivery of our first ever van conversion minibuses capable of carrying 22 passengers. A little over 3 years ago our conventional Treka Van conversion would carry a maximum of 16 passengers or 6 wheelchairs. Since this time we've worked to steadily increase the carrying capacity, first to 17 passengers, then 20 passengers, and final 22 passengers. To turn this concept into reality we have spent more than a year working internally to optimise our design, working with some of closest supply partners including Phoenix Seating to ensure that every element was the right quality while being as lightweight as possible. This culminated in a successful battery of tests at Millbrook Proving Ground and passing IVA test ensuring that these vehicles meet the highest levels of quality, design and safety. This initial contract of 7 vehicles will be delivered into our long standing customer London Hire, for operations in London Borough of Croydon.

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