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Happy Passengers in West Sussex

Here at Treka we often remind ourselves that "we only build the vehicles". What this means is that we have to be open and eager to receive feedback from fleet managers, drivers, escorts, maintenance staff, and especially from passengers because while we are experts in building vehicles we aren't driving and riding in them on a daily basis. With this in mind we recently received some feedback from the parents of a young man who has the pleasure of taking a Treka Bus to school every day. Here's what they had to say:

"Toby is very happy with the new Treka Bus (provided by West Sussex County Council) for his school run. With his special needs we are never too sure about what he really thinks but he says "I love new bus at school" which is his way of saying he loves the new school bus. He is always keen to get on it in the morning too! As Toby's parents, we are also happy that he is being transported on a safe and comfortable bus with all the latest features designed for him and his classmates with their various special needs. Keep up the great work at Treka Bus!" Feedback like this reminds us why we love what we do and why it's so important that we always keep the passenger in mind when we're designing and building the next Treka Bus.

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