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Carer of the Month - February 2020

Jill Vandesande (right) receives her Carer of the Month Award

We're happy to announce the Hollybank Trust Carer of the Month for February 2020 is Jill Vandesande a Special Support Assistant at the Hollybank School. The nomination reads:

"Jill is a very valued member of the school staff team. During the past year Jill has gone over and above to support the workings of the classroom, offering to come in on her days off and organising the classroom to increase efficiency.

Jill has a positive and optimistic outlook and her sunny disposition brightens the day. She has significantly impacted the lives of many of our students through her understanding and empathetic approach to supporting the children’s emotional wellbeing.

Jill can often be seen armed with a towel and coconut oil, ready to massage any willing participant. Sometimes our children can struggle to relax but Jill always makes the extra effort to help them achieve some inner peace. We are thankful for Jill’s commitment, efficiency and hard work and we are delighted that she has been nominated for this award "

Keep up the great work!

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