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Carer of the Month - January 2020

Miriam John-Aloba (right) receives her Carer of the Month Award

We're happy to announce the Hollybank Trust Carer of the Month for January 2020 is Miriam John-Aloba a Support Worker at the Hollybank Rowan Court home. The nomination reads:

"Mariam is a very caring and supportive member of our team at Rowan Court who always puts the needs of the adults she cares for above anything else.

She has developed some wonderful relationships with the adults and tries to keep them smiling every day. She was amazing at the Christmas party last year and encouraged everyone to join in the singing and dancing. She was determined to ensure all the adults had a pleasant and enjoyable evening.

Mariam is always pleasant and polite and quietly brilliant at everything she is asked to do. She works well with all the team and is very flexible with her rota shifts. She is willing to cover some night shifts when needed which demonstrates her commitment to the service.

We would like to thank Mariam for all her hard work, and we are delighted that she has been nominated for this award. "

Keep up the great work!

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