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Houdini Harnesses on Treka's

Recently we've noticed a lot of confusion in our marketplace around the use of 'Houdini' type harnesses, especially regarding which seats can and can't accommodate this type of harness. Unfortunately some seat suppliers are misinforming customers that only their seats are compatible, which simply isn't true.

Recently the folks at Phoenix Seating took the time to put together an honest and well structured article explaining the subtleties of 'Houdini' type harnesses and we wanted to share this far and wide to help demystify the whole situation.

Phoenix Seat with cut outs for harness

What are the key points?

1. These types of harnesses are not a replacement or substitute for a seat belt, even according to the harness manufacturers.

2. If you want to use a 'Houdini' type harness you aren't limited to online seating manufacturer. Don't hesitate to ask the question.

Remember, many seat manufacturers can offer seats that allow for the use of a 'Houdini' harness, so don't be driven towards specifying a seat that isn't what you want. With Treka you only need to ask the question and we can advise on the entire range of seat manufacturers and models that allow the use of harnesses.

We'd encourage anyone who is unsure about this subject to read the above article or get in touch with us here at Treka.

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