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Swansea Council Take First VW Treka's

This week Swansea Council have taken delivery of their first Treka minibuses, which also happen to be the first ever Treka Mobility van conversions built on the latest model VW Crafter.

The Welsh authority will take delivery fo 12 vehicle all of which feature Eberspächer saloon heaters, Phoenix Blenheim passenger seats, PLS Easy Access inboard passenger lifts, and AVS electric steps. These vehicles also benefit from our standard fit Voiceover Information System that will deliver warning messages in both english and welsh.

To support the authority operating under social distancing measures our team have put together a custom training video for the council's drivers to get the most from their new Treka minibuses.

These vehicles join a significant number of Treka minibuses operated by local authorities throughout South Wales.

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