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We know that buying a new Treka Bus is an important investment for our customers, which is why we offer a range of training options for operators to help you and your people get the most out of your Treka vehicles.



Driver/Operator Training


For every contract we deliver we offer full driver/operator training free of charge. In its simplest form this can mean bringing experienced drivers up-to-date with the latest features of their new vehicle. More comprehensive training can involve representatives from Treka Bus and our key supply partners providing wide ranging training on all elements, feature, and operations of a vehicle.

For operators with larger or more dispersed fleets we can offer multiple training sessions or train-the-trainer sessions with your own appointed trainers.

Even if you didn't take up the offer of training when your vehicles were first delivered don't worry, we're always willing to provide training to our customers at any point, you just need to get in touch.


Technician Training


Everyone wants their drivers trained, but workshop staff and technicians are sometimes overlooked, but not here at Treka. We offer all of our customer the opportunity yo have their maintenance/service/workshop staff attend our factory during the build programme for their vehicles.

This gives technicians the opportunity to see how our vehicles are built and to spend time with our expert production staff to learn how to properly maintain and care for a brand new Treka Bus.


Treka Champion Training


Here at Treka we believe that handing over the keys to your new vehicle is the start of the relationship, not the end of it. With our industry leading warranty we know that we'll be working with our customers for at least the next 7 years and we want to build a strong working relationship at all levels so that customers receive the very best level of service.

Since 2017 we have offer our Treka Champion training programme aimed at taking key staff in administrative, organisational, and service delivery related roles and educating them on Treka Bus, our product, and our services so that they are empowered within their own organisations to help get the best use out of their Treka vehicles.

This one day training course covers the operation of vehicles, an overview of how our warranty processes work including how to tell the difference between warranty and non-warranty issues, as well as a range of other topics.

We encourage all of our customer to nominate staff for the Treka Champion programme.


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