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A cutting edge range of safety features


With more people on the road than ever before it's getting harder to keep yourself and others safe. That's why we now offer our largest ever range of safety features as part of our Treka Safe range of options.


One or more of these options can be combined to enhance your new minibus.


Parking sensors

Why not make manoeuvring your vehicle easier while reducing the number of bumps and scrapes you have by fitting front, rear or all-round parking sensors. This is an incredibly cost-effective safety feature that's almost certain to improve your driving experience.


Reversing camera

A reversing camera can be a fantastic aid when trying to move vehicles around car parks, workshops and anywhere that you find yourself in a tight space. Simply select reverse gear and you'll get a live colour image on a monitor, either dash-mounted or integrated into the rear view mirror.


Side view camera

When you're driving a large vehicle it's easy to miss a pedestrian, cyclist or small vehicle moves alongside you. A side view camera fitted to the near side, off side or both sides of your vehicle can provide one more level of safety and certainty before changing lanes or turning a corner.


As soon as you activate the relevant indicator a live colour image will appear on a monitor, either dash-mounted or integrated into the rear view mirror. As soon as you cancel the indicator the screen will go into standby mode. 


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Audible Warnings

One of the best ways to avoid accidents involving pedestrians or other motorists is to make your presence known. That's the reason why we fit a reverse warning system as standard on all of our vehicles that provides a spoken warning as well as a white noise buzzer to make your presence clear to all.


We also offer vehicle turning warning systems that gives a clear spoken alert when a vehicle is turning. Like all of our safety features this is completely automatic in operation, when an inidicator is activated the relevant warning message is broadcast outside the vehicle and once the indicator is cancelled the warning stops.


All of our spoken warnings support multiple languages and feature a night silence switch for those times you'd rather not wake the nieghbours.


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